The Mobile B-45 is an all purpose drill rig for soil and rock exploration using augers, rotary tools, or core drilling tools.
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Mobile B-45 HD

Profile Drilling is pleased to offer the Mobile B-45 HD rubber tired track mount drill rig in addition to its many other services. This Drill rig offers a more versatile method of collecting data that we couldn’t provide before. We now offer Geotechnical services as well as penetrating hard rock and the ability to achieve deeper depths for soil sampling and monitor installation.

The Mobile B-45 HD is an all purpose drill rig for soil and rock exploration using augers, rotary tools, or core drilling tools. Rated from 130ft (40m) to 225ft (67m) depths with hollow stem or continuous flight augers up to 14” (356mm) hole size. It is also rated to 900 linear feet (275) of core using N series tooling.

The Mobile B-45 HD has an aggressive rubber track which prevents the drill rig from tearing up asphalt surfaces while still providing the traction needed to climb steep embankments or cross soft overburden that a truck would normally get stuck in.

Safety is paramount with our Mobile B-45 HD. We’ve added numerous features which are not found on most rigs of the sort. To begin we have a kill switch which will not allow the track to move while the mast is on an upright position. Our Mobile B-45 HD also has 2 wobble switches at the base of the tower that will shut down the machine instantly once they are triggered, these wobble switches together with our auger guards eliminate entanglement. Like all our track mounted rigs the Mobile B-45 HD is mobilized using a wireless remote control unit. This allows personnel to be at a safe distance while the rig is being moved.

This drill rig is the perfect addition to our lineup and expands our ability to better serve you.

Technical Specifications
Max torque 8,737 ft. lbs
Max Spindle speed 618 RPM
Thrust Up 24,544 LBS.
Thrust Down 15,708 LBS.

Profile Drilling has the following insurance coverage:
  • 5 Million Commercial Liability
  • 5 Million Auto and SEF 44
  • 5 Million Pollution Liability
  • WSIB Coverage
Our line up now includes:
  • Diedrich D-50 Turbo
  • Mobile B-60 / B-45 HD
  • Profile 550 Hydro Vac.
  • Track/Truck Powerprobe 9700 PRO
  • Powerprobe P 9100
  • Pionjar 120/Bosch percussion drills