Well Decommissioning

Profile Drilling Inc understands the significance of proper well maintenance and does their part for the environment by properly installing and decommissioning wells in accordance with Regulation 903.

When decommissioning we remove the monitoring well with its old grout seal and replace the annular space with fresh grout. Once completed, we can cap the location with asphalt, concrete, gravel or soil and grass depending on the site. A well log or well cluster form will be filled out and a copy sent to the Ministry of the Environment and another to the well owner.

Our experience and large arsenal of rigs enables us to decommission all types of monitoring wells in just about any place imaginable.

Mobile B-60
Mobile B-45 turbo
Deidrich D-50 turbo
PowerProbe 9700 VTR
PowerProbe 9700 PRO
PowerProbe 9100