Well Installations

Profile Drilling Inc. is a licensed well contractor with the Ministry of Environment and is capable of installing all types of water, soil and gas monitoring wells. Our well sizes range from ¾" to 6" inside diameter and are either PVC or stainless steel. Our wide range of equipment enables us to install monitoring wells indoors, outdoors and in all types of overburden and rock. Depending on the rig and conditions we can install monitors up to a depth of 250’. Our installations are all in accordance with ministry Regulation 903.

For 2" and 6”wells we use our hollow stem augers. These augers provide an excellent sand pack and seal. Our ¾" and 1" monitors are installed through our dual tubes and can come with pre-packed screens if so desired.

We finish each well with a stick up monument casing or a flush mount casing to protect the pipe. A well log is filled out and a well tag is firmly affixed to each well upon completion.

All operators at Profile Drilling have their well technician's licenses and are fully trained to install monitoring wells properly.

All Of Profile’s rigs are capable of installing wells.