Company Profile

PROFILE DRILLING Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped us become the leader in Direct Push contracting in combination with our Traditional rigs. Our goal remains to provide superior service at a competitive price.

PROFILE DRILLING Inc. was one of the first Canadian drilling companies specializing in the cutting edge Direct Push technology on top of Traditional Rotary Technology. At PROFILE DRILLING Inc. we have carefully built an arsenal of drilling tools and materials to meet your sampling needs. Our selection focuses on accessibility, versatility, accuracy, efficiency and safety.

Direct Push drilling provides several benefits to meet your sampling needs. The cost effective and technically accurate nature of Direct Push, allow us to provide you with more competitive pricing and a more impressive service. This method produces fewer cuttings allowing for cheaper and easier disposal of contaminated material. Enhanced versatility improves the ability to increase sample points and allow access in difficult situations. We have platforms small enough to accommodate almost any drilling job.

Our Traditional rotary rigs provide the geotechnical requirements that many of our clients demand. All our rotary rigs are rubber tracked so they do not harm asphalt or concrete. They are set up to produce n values in soil conditions and are able to core rock and install monitors.

Profile Drilling has the following insurance coverage:
  • 5 Million Commercial Liability
  • 5 Million Auto and SEF 44
  • 5 Million Pollution Liability
  • WSIB Coverage
Our line up now includes:
  • Diedrich D-50 Turbo Track
  • Mobile B-60 Track
  • Mobile B45 HD Track
  • Track /Powerprobe 9700 (trackmount) VTR PRO
  • Truck /Powerprobe 9700 PRO
  • Powerprobe 9100P
  • Hydro Vac 550
  • Pionjar 120/Bosch percussion drills
  • Dymo Concrete Corer/ Grout Pumps
Additional Features:
  • Indoor drilling with low mast height
  • All types of water and soil vapor monitoring
  • Angle drilling
  • Daylighting boreholes with HydroVac
  • Concrete Coring

PROFILE DRILLING has the equipment and staff to satisfy all your companies’ requirements. All our drillers have their well technician’s license and PROFILE DRILLING Inc. is fully licensed with the Ministry of the Environment as a well contractor to install and decommission monitoring wells.

Contact us so we can assist you in meeting all your drilling needs.